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The second learning style I fell under was the Musical intelligence, also referred to as the aural style. I like to work with sound and music. I have a good sense of pitch and rhythm. When I play the Singstar video game with my family, everyone gets mad at me because they can not beat me. I typically can sing, or identify the sounds of different instruments. Certain songs or sounds invoke strong emotions for me. There are also many different songs I hear that will invoke memories for me. I also tend to be aware of music playing in the background of movies, TV shows, and commercials. I also tend to make a song out of things I want or need to remember. I find it much easier for me to learn when I have created a song out of the material. Music is something I really enjoy and now that I have discovered that I use this style to learn, I understand how much music really does influence my learning.The third style I fell under was the Interpersonal intelligence, also referred to as the social style . I believe that I communicate well with others, both verbally and non-verbally. People listen to me and/or come to me for advice. They will actually come and talk to me first before attempting to even talk to the actual HR manager. I really enjoy mentoring or counseling others. I believe that this is related to the fact that I am more sensitive to their feelings or moods. I also feel that I listen well and understand other’s points of view. I gladly welcome listening to others opinions because the other person may be able to offer something to the situation that I had not thought of.


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