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新西兰护理学代写 手机和情感调节


新西兰护理学代写 手机和情感调节

With mindfulness, an individual attends to the negative stimuli or emotions rather than suppressing them. In this way, an individual can address his or her specific emotional needs, also similar to emotion regulation. While researchers have more insight into strategies to mediate the relationship between anxiety and problematic smartphone use, many other variables that may act as mediators in this relationship remain unknown and are in need of further exploration.Being a relatively new topic, more research is needed with the relationship between problematic smartphone use and anxiety. As stated, mediators in this relationship are largely unexplored, but mediators may hold the key in decreasing the negative effects problematic cell-phone use has on anxiety and vice versa. In a study conducted by Lepp, Barkley, and Karpinski (2014) on cell-phone use, anxiety, and satisfaction with life, high cell-phone use was associated with high anxiety and low satisfaction with life. However, satisfaction with life is such a broad term; it is not entirely clear what that variable entails. Researchers know that satisfaction with life is associated with the success of failure of a marriage and other social relationships, decreased substance abuse, and decreased suicidality. Therefore, providing evidence for a relationship between cell-phone use and satisfaction with life requires more research in understanding other mediators under the umbrella of ‘satisfaction with life’.

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