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新西兰护理学作业代写 痴呆症


新西兰护理学作业代写 痴呆症

There are a number of physiological changes that occur to people suffering from dementia, people can start to forget the basic things like dressing or the correct order to dress in, this is known as dressing apraxia. Eating patterns can also be affected, the person may overheat leading to obesity or under eat leading to be malnourished, they may have forgetting to eat or may have eaten and forgotten they had eat. Sleeping can also be affected the person can mix up night and day. Motor Apraxia is when the person jerks or has uncoordinated movements, its not weakness of the affected parts.Anomnia is the inability to recognize the written word and in particular familiar words, names and numbers. Agnosia is the inability to process sensory information, like Anomnia it’s the familiar objects faces and places that are not recognized, putting salt into their tea instead of sugar would be an example. Some dementia suffers are prone to slips, trips and falls due to apraxia and decline in spatial awareness.Probably the most familiar one to the person suffering the psychological effects of dementia is memory loss, not remembering family members names, not remembering family past events. The person suffering from dementia can also have problems with where they are, they can be confused at home or if in care become disorientated not knowing where they are. The person suffering from dementia can also have issues with misplacing objects and in particular familiar objects, for example placing shampoo in the fridge and not been able to remember where familiar objects were left, not remembering where they put the keys to the car which are generally left in one particular place. The person suffering from dementia can become introverted and show signs of apathy, they lose interest in the people around them and more importantly they lose themselves. a person suffering from dementia will also repeat the same questions numerous times, repeat the same story over and over. Some persons can become paranoid and suspicious, they may think that the carer or family member has hidden something on them or accuse their wife/husband of having an affair. Maintaining a flowing conversation is another problem for some people that have dementia, this can lead to them been more withdrawn and isolated. Some persons can expierence hallucinations, some of them can be frightening while others will involve ordinary people, objects or situations from the past, usually found in the later stages of Alzheimer’s.

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