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In line with the drive towards developing the nation’s K-Economy, the current economical trend is to focus on the advancement and rise in emphasis on the area of science and technology. As a measure to achieve this vision, the government has adopted a holistic approach in Malaysian education system by emphasizing on mastery knowledge, intellectual capital and developing technology and entrepreneurial skills. Since science and technology play a major role in contributing to a more developed nation, the government seems to give more emphasis on teaching and learning process of science in the primary, secondary and higher education. It is coherent with Malaysia’s aim which to produce more experts in science or in general to produce a future generation of intellectuals.Therefore, as science educators, it is important to be aware of the demand of the nation. There is a need to ensure that the teaching and learning process is focused in producing individuals who fulfill the government’s aspiration. Hence, it requires teachers to have passion, creativity, intelligence and determination to make sure that the delivery of knowledge is truly effective. Among other things, methods in teaching, teacher’s knowledge and performances are frequently being observed to ensure that teachers remain excellent in their teaching. This is because; teachers play a major role in ensuring the effectiveness and the success of the actual delivery and implementation of the Malaysian curriculum. Therefore, when planning a lesson, teachers need to be aware of the objectives of the curriculum by incorporating good content values into the lesson, implement the curriculum designed by the ministry and at the end of it all, assess the outcomes of the curriculum. But it is not enough to focus only on the teacher without looking at the relevancy of the Malaysian science curriculum, which actually contributes to the success or failure of science education. In fact, it is actually a major issue that is constantly discussed among science educators and academicians in Malaysia. Is the Malaysian science curriculum measurable to that of the standards of other countries? This is pertinent question that needs to be answered. Therefore it would be useful to compare Malaysian science curriculum with other developed countries in order to determine the standard of Malaysian curriculum.


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