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我再次相信,孩子们进入学校的时候并不是空容器,他们宁愿接受一些教育或传统知识,他们可能从他们出生的社会中挑选出来。因此,重要的是,作为一个教师,考虑到先验知识,学习者为了找出或谈判的一种更好的方式来调和它与学习者必须获得的新知识。 儿童是独一无二的个体,每个人都有自己独特的个性需求,因此作为一名教师,我需要关注每个学习者的特殊需要。重要的是,每个孩子都受到独特的,因此这需要考虑“人文”的学习方法。扬特(1996)指出:“…教育人文主义仅仅意味着教育者的个人需要和每个学生的问题非常感兴趣。因此,这表明,每个孩子或学习者内部内容根据他/她的能力以及按自己的步调。我看学习者的态度,我的主要目标是改变我的学生的态度。我准备个人教案和课程,以满足每个学习者的需要,在他们的态度。Yount又说大多数人文教师相信宗教,他们把基督教的价值观,促进个人成长和社会发展。在这种情况下,必须有一个关注的个人和他/她的个人需要。作为基督徒,我们需要重视基督教价值观,以促进个人、个人的发展和成长。


Again I believe that children are not empty vessels the time they enter school, they rather have some education or traditional knowledge that they may have picked in the society they were born from. So it is important as a teacher to consider the prior knowledge that a learner has in order to figure out or negotiate a better way of reconciling it with the new knowledge the learner has to acquire.Children are unique individuals and each one has his/her unique individual needs, thus as a teacher I need to attend to the idiosyncratic needs of each individual learner. It is important that each child is attended to uniquely, thus this calls for consideration of ‘humanistic’ approach to learning. Yount (1996) states that “…educational humanism simply means that educators are very interested in the personal needs and concerns of each of their students.” Thus this suggests that each child or learner internalises the content material according to his/her ability as well as according to one’s own pace. I look at the attitudes of the learners, my main goal is to modify the attitude of my students. I prepare personal lesson plans and lessons to meet each individual learner’s needs in relation to their attitude. Again Yount says that most humanistic teachers believe and have faith in religion, they attach Christian values that promote the development and growth of an individual in society. In this case there must be a concern for the individual person and his/her personal needs. As Christians we need to attach Christian values that promote personal, individual development and growth.


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