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新西兰化学论文代写:Tina Bruce的观点

我个人的观点支持Tina Bruce的观点,即每个孩子都有充分的潜能来发展他们的学习能力,并以不同的速度成长和发展。然而,知识的水平取决于孩子的思想和行为,我相信这些可以通过成人的干预,以及社会交往。童年的第一个五到六年的学习是很容易接受和相信这应该花在游戏为基础的教育,孩子应该从事愉快的活动,与成年人的支持,通过社会、情感发展他们的想象力、身体和认知发展。 这一概念的发挥基础教育和儿童早期的社会交往的重点可以在幼儿园芬兰确定,你不会找到国通过卡片或钻研工作优秀学生钻下的作物。Â更可能的是,你会看到他们唱歌,玩,和绘画。”在芬兰,早期教育Â重点是学习如何学习。”鼓励孩子的经验,探索和发挥,直到7岁。Â鳍价值的好奇心和社会能力的发展在早期。他们知道“学者”如果基础来更容易些。”

新西兰化学论文代写:Tina Bruce的观点

My personal views support the views of Tina Bruce that every child has the full potential to develop their abilities for learning, and all grow and develop at different rates. However, the levels of knowledge depend on a child’s thought and behaviour and I believe these can be developed through adult intervention as well as, social interaction. The first five to six years of childhood are very receptive to learning and I strongly believe this should be spent on a play based education, where children should be engaged in enjoyable activities, with the support of adults to develop their imagination through social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.This concept of play based education and the emphasis on social interaction in the early years of childhood can be identified in the preschools and kindergartens of Finland, ‘you won’t find the country’s next crop of top students drilling through flashcards or poring over worksheets.  More likely, you’ll see them singing, playing, and painting.’ In Finland, the focus for early education is on ‘learning how to learn.’ Children are encouraged to experience, explore, and play until the age of 7. ‘Fins value the development of curiosity and social competency in the early years. They know that the “academics” will come more easily later if the foundation is there.’


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