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在本文中,我将定义区分指令根据p·卢瑟福和t .大厅。我将提供详细的信息关于如何差异化教学计划提供的c·汤姆林森。我将描述支持差异化教学的指导原则。我将包括如何区分等;来源、过程和产品,以及使用什么标准选择来源时,过程和产品。我将包括准备、兴趣水平和学习风格在我讨论差异化教学。最后,我将包括差异化教学原则指导规划等有意义的任务,灵活的分组和正在进行的评估和调整。今天的教室充满了不同的学习者不仅不同文化和语言也在他们的认知能力、背景知识和学习偏好。面对这种多样性许多老师正在实施差异化教学,以有效地解决所有学生的学习需求。国家中心的研究人员在访问通用课程定义区分指令作为一个过程教学和学习方法的学生不同的能力在同一个班。目的是最大化每个学生的成长和个人成功通过满足每一个学生,他或她而不是期待学生修改自己的课程(大厅,2002)。分化也定义为一种思考方式指令的识别是基于我们的学生的多样性.


In this paper I will define differentiated instruction according to P. Rutherford and T. Hall. I will provide detailed information on how to plan for differentiated instruction provided by C. Tomlinson. I will describe the guiding principles to support differentiated instruction. I will include what to differentiate such as; sources, process and products, as well as, what criteria to use when selecting sources, process and products. I will include readiness, interest level and learning styles in my discussion of differentiated instruction. Lastly, I will include what principles will guide the planning of differentiated instruction such as meaningful tasks, flexible grouping and ongoing assessment and adjustment.Today’s classrooms are filled with diverse learners who differ not only culturally and linguistically but also in their cognitive abilities, background knowledge and learning preferences. Faced with such diversity many teachers are implementing differentiated instruction in an effort to effectively address all students’ learning needs.Researchers at the National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum define differentiated instruction as a process approach to teaching and learning for students of differing abilities in the same class. The intent is to maximize each student’s growth and individual success by meeting each student where he or she is rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum (Hall, 2002). Differentiation is also defined as a way of thinking about instruction that is based on the recognition of the diversity of our students


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