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After students are placed into the dental hygiene program, be prepared to study hard. The program includes courses such as Clinical Dental Hygiene, Dental Radiology, general and Oral Pathology, Community Dental Health, Pharmacology, and Periodontic. These are just a few of the courses in the program. There are exams, quizzes, competencies (instrumentation, sterilization procedure, and local anesthesia), and practical (patient care) every single week. Furthermore, there is a huge amount of homework too. The average of the sleep hours is about five hours a day. From the second semester of the program, students are required to see real patients for cleaning and taking x-rays. There are certain requirements for the patients and students need to find their own patients. According to Murray, “interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical are the invaluable all-purpose tools” (23). They can be reflected in the dental hygiene program, and these abilities are extremely important. Students do not need to be very good at every ability, just a little of each ability will be beneficial. In order to be successful in the program, you need to have friends, that mean you have to have interaction with your classmates since many classes require group work. You can sense others’ emotions, needs, and work well with others. Furthermore, you need to express yourself enough to let others know you better, understand your thoughts and know yourself. The logical-mathematical is important to help you in basic numbering, such as when you give local anesthesia to your patients you need to calculate how much cartridge you need based on the patient’s body weight. Students will be paired up to do exercises before treating real patients. If you do not know how to interact with others and express yourself, it will be very difficult for yourself and others. Even for real patients, you need to have these abilities in order to deliver the best service. You need to communicate with patients all the time, let them know the procedure that you are going to give and go over home oral hygiene care with them.


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