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在许多职业一样,我们总是面临着许多障碍和挑战。我们必须克服在进行职业选择,决定成为一个牙科保健师没有任何不同。查尔斯·莫里在他的书中“真正的教育”,“学校别无选择,只能留下许多孩子”(43)。在我看来,我们学校系统不够挑战的学生。因此,导致他们不能在他们的教育在以后的生活中,有一个学生之间的差距不需要挑战和在学校表现不错。还有那些需要挑战能够达到和理解他们的潜力。在分析他在说什么,我想我们的学校系统没有做它的工作在为学生建立一个路径,或为他们的未来做一个受过教育的决定在任何职业。例如,我想成为一个牙科保健员,早在Jr .高中,但是我会保持相对尽可能接近大学,所以我将讨论高中。辅导员应采取二次父母的角色在某种程度上,因为这是他们选择他们的工作和职业。他们必须知道这种责任有这样的需求,特别是那些帮助学生计划的未来基于穆雷所说的能力。在高中,我们采用多种课程。然而,这些类(至少在我自己的经验)与他们可能会对某些职业。例如,在《华尔街日报》题为“谁想成为牙科保健员”保罗·r·帕尔默表示,“学生未来的职业感兴趣在口腔卫生应该高中生物学课程,化学、代数、英语、职业健康/医疗职业教育、几何、心理学、计算机技能、体育、和演讲。“现在,如果我被告知演讲,生物学和数学类可以准备我的牙科保健员的职业生涯中,我可能会问这样的问题“什么是牙科保健员?”和“他们做什么?“这可能会让我有兴趣或者至少得到教育。我相信这是教师的工作在我们上高中的时候,和顾问,这主要是他们的工作描述。辅导员应该有一个季度会见他们被分配到所有的学生,说话和探索这样的路径。我强烈相信如果这是讨论或者至少努力和我在高中的时候,这开阔了我的眼界,让不同的旅程,或者不是,但肯定另一个我目前的生活。


As in many careers, we always face many obstacles or challenges. We must overcome when making our career choices, deciding to be a dental hygienist isn’t any different. Charles Murray states in his book “Real Education”, “Schools have no choice but to leave many children behind” (43). In my opinion, our school system isn’t challenging the students enough. Therefore, causing them to fail within their education later in life, there is a gap in between the students who don’t need to be challenged and do well in school. There are also those who need to be challenged to be able to reach and understand their potential. In analyzing what he is saying, I gather that our school system is not doing its job in establishing a path for students to take, or make an educated decision about their future in any profession. For example, I want to become a dental hygienist, as early as Jr. High School, but I will keep it relatively as close to College as possible, so I will talk about High School. Counselors should take the role of a secondary parent to an extent; simply because that is their job and career they have chosen. They must know that such responsibilities come with such a demand; especially those of helping students plan a future based on what Murray calls abilities. In high school, we take a variety of classes. However, none of those classes (at least in my own experience) are connected with what they can potentially lead towards a certain career. For example, in the journal titled “Who wants to be a dental hygienist” Paul R. Palmer stated that “Students interested in a future career in dental hygiene should take high school courses in biology, chemistry, algebra, English, health occupations/medical professions education, geometry, psychology, computer skills, physical education, and speech.” Now, if I was told that taking speech, biology and math classes could prepare me for a dental hygienist career, I would have potentially asked questions like “what is a dental hygienist?” and “what do they do?” This would have led me to potentially be interested or at least get educated. I believe this to be the job of the teachers within our high school years, and the counselors, as this is mainly their whole job description. The counselors should have a quarterly meeting with all the students whom they are assigned to, talk and explore such paths. It is my strongest believe that if this was discussed or at least made an effort with me during high school, this would have opened my eyes to a different journey, or perhaps not- but surely a different one I am currently living.


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