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一个概念,阐明了思想语境在现象描述的角度来看涉及情境学习的概念。这个想法起源于熔岩和旺热对社区的实践研究;坐落在这方面”是指围绕学习活动;即以“社会建构的生活世界,是学习的一个特殊例子。”(Marton,2006,p. 511)传递和识别能力进行语境和基于经验和变异的学科经历了并能提出与为了新情况创造新的理解范围。当受试者体验到更大的变化,学习感知日益微妙的差异,他们的知觉歧视能力体现在复杂和高度协调的技能识别的形式。扩大知识和理解在鉴别或识别特征或变化的临界尺寸较大的专业相关。”(Marton,2006,p. 519)学生从新手到专家的大师,他们的概括高度的感性小说语境”容量达学习的发现与我们的目标最关键的区别。”(Marton,2006,p. 519)这相当于所谓的专业来看,这一特性是由那些在他们的领域或行业的个体拥有了掌握。


A notion that illuminates ideas of context within the phenomenographic perspective relates to the concept of situated learning. This idea originated in Lave and Wenger’s research on Communities of Practice; situated in this context “refers to what surrounds the learning event; that is, to the “socially constructed life-world in which a particular instance of learning occurs.” (Marton, 2006, p. 511) Skills of transfer and discernment are then contextual and based on the range of experience and variability that the subject has experienced and can bring forward and relate to novel situations in order to create new understandings. As subjects experience greater variation and learn to perceive increasingly subtle differences, their perceptual discriminatory abilities manifest in the form of sophisticated and highly attuned skills of discernment. Expanded knowledge and understanding correlate with greater expertise in distinguishing or “discerning distinctive features or critical dimensions of variation.” (Marton, 2006, p. 519) As students move from novice to expert to master, their capacity to generalize their heightened perceptivity to novel contexts “amounts to learning to find the differences that are most critical in relation to our goals.” (Marton, 2006, p. 519) This amounts to what is called professional seeing, a characteristic that is possessed by individuals who have achieved mastery in their field or profession.


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