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An example of this is a day teaching a class of Qualified Nursing Students studying towards a higher degree, the youngest in her early twenties and the oldest in her fifties. I requested feedback on the various teaching styles employed and asked for an anonymous score for each element taught. The day consisted of a variety of Presentations, Quiz style papers, group work and student presentations. I will revisit these results later in this paper while exploring the different ways in which people learn but I am attempting to theorise if older students may be better acquainted with more didactic approaches to education because of internal schemas made in earlier styles of teaching encountered in contrast to the more diverse nature of current teaching process’s encountered by younger students? The feedback shows that although the group enjoyed the learning process, the employed seemed to please some more than others. A further consideration of this feedback shows that the older members of the class preferred to sit and listen to a constructed more didactic approach liking the group work and personal research less than the younger students.


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