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Today’s society is based on the idea of profit and competition and these two things are easily reflected in our present educational system where grades and marks matter more than anything else. Present education turns children into cerebral machines that master facts and are mastered by them. Our education leaves the children deficient in emotional and relational skills. As a result, the more “achievement-oriented” a person is less able he tends to be relating to people, even dear ones, sensitively, reciprocally and responsibly. The alienation between head and heart is the byproduct of the current model of education.Faith in violence as a quick-fix problem solver is an emerging wave. This violence can be visible in the form of physical punishment or invisible in the form of competition or craving for achievement. Agenda-wars in workplaces, gender-wars in homes, propaganda wars in the public space, violence is everywhere in one or the other form. We have got habitual of violence in many forms but fact is that we don’t even recognize this and children observe all these things and learn to follow their elders. Peace begins with the individual and spreads to the family, to the community, to the nation and to the global village.

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