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作为网络学习者,动机是实现高质量学习的重要心理支持。动机是由心理、生理、社会和认知原因组成的直接行为(Fulmer 2009)。动力是隐藏在人内心的精神。有周学习动机的在线学习者会导致他缺乏进取心,经常缺课,没有计划管理自学。对在线学习者来说,缺乏动力是一个严重的问题,失败的比例最高。如何克服这个问题?激励网络学习者与传统学习者不同。因为在线学习者几乎是成年人。他们有不同的方法或策略来激励他们。它们是激励学习者的五个步骤。人们总是被奖励的东西所激励。为自己设定一个目标并奖励自己。例如,如果我能在这学期结束,我的家人和我将去英国曼彻斯特度假。在你开始学习之前,确保你选择的课程可以奖励你一些非常有价值的东西。举个例子,如果我得到p。h。我所有的文章和书籍都将被认可,出版公司将提供我作为总编辑。你必须把你学到的东西和你的工作环境联系起来。如果你选择的课程与你真实的工作环境相似,它会让你在学习和工作中表现得更好。


Motivation is important mental support to achieve high quality as online learners. Motivation is consist of psychological, biological, social and cognitive cause direct behavior (Fulmer 2009). Motivation is spirit hidden inside a person. Online learner with week motivation will cause him unenterprising, often absent from class and no planning in manage self learning. Lack of motivation is a serious problem for online learners and the percentage to fail is highest. How to overcome this problem? To motivate online learners is not same with traditional learners. It because Online learners almost an adult person. They have be different approach or strategy to motivate them. They are five step to motivate learners.People always get motivated by rewarding something. Setup a goal for yourself and reward yourself. Example, if I can finish this semester, My family and I will take a vacation to Manchester, England.Before you start learning, make sure you choose course can reward you something very valuable. Example, if I’m get P.H.D, all my article and books will be recognize and the publishing company will offer me as a Chief Editor.You must relate what you learn with your working environment. If you choose course similarly with your real working environment, it make you perform better in your studies and your job.

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