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同样,艺术可以带走我们,所以在报纸上叫做“el comercio”,它说“基多的城市已经在一幅新的语言形式的画布上发生了改变”(弗洛雷斯G。,2016)。厄瓜多尔正在改变观看这种街头艺术的方式,因为艺术对艺术家来说象征着一种表达情感的形式,一种发展中的情商。多亏了厄瓜多尔首都的大量涂鸦画,厄瓜多尔的艺术在国际上得到了认可。总之,人类总是需要表现出他们对不同形式的感觉。因为我们生来就有创造的天赋,它反映在艺术中。然而,多年来,艺术与智力是分开的,因为它们是完全不同的东西。如今,多亏了许多研究和实验,艺术和智慧携手并进。更多的人不只是参与科学,还有他们的艺术。它们不仅发育于左半球,而且发育于右半球。随着年龄的增长和许多因素的影响,他们失去了一些能力。此外,许多专家说,用音乐、艺术和其他东西刺激婴儿对孩子的大脑有积极的影响,因为它增强了右脑的认知反应。正是因为这一原因,艺术的实现作为一个援助改善情报已经纳入学校儿童从小就有动力与游戏、歌曲、绘画等。向他们学习取得很好的结果,因为学生更加放松,更加注重说教的类而不是绝对的。


Also, the art can take us away is so in the newspaper called “el comercio” it said “Quito urban places has transform in a canvas of a new form of language” (Flores G., 2016). Ecuador is changing its form of seeing this street art because art symbolizes for artist a form to express their feelings, a develop emotional intelligence. Is for that thanks to a lot of graffiti paintings in the capital has led Ecuador to be recognized internationally for its art.In conclusion, the human being always had a need to show that their feelings of different forms. For that we born with an innate ability to create that it is reflected in the art. However, art for many years was separate from intelligence because thought that they are things completely different. Nowadays, and thanks many researches and experiments had been determined that art and intelligent go hand in hand. It is more people do not just involve the science, but also their art. They develop do not only left hemisphere, but also right hemisphere. It gives them as result the increase of some abilities that with the pass of the years and for many factors they had lost it.In addition, many experts say that stimulating babies with music, art and others positively affects the brain of the children as it enhances the cognitive response of the right hemisphere. It is for this reason that the implementation of art as an aid to improve intelligence has been incorporated in schools where children from an early age are motivated with games, songs, paintings, etc. To learn from what they have obtained very good results because the students are more relaxed and pay more attention to a didactic class than an absolute.


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