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类似的主观技术是受雇于里斯•安托瓦内特的她表示。虽然作者使用一个不同的文学形式,安托瓦内特通过主观的角度来看是相当发达。第一和第三部分里斯的散文小说主要叙述安托瓦内特,像欧里庇得斯的美狄亚,是一个悲剧性的人物,争取爱情,而是开始体验精神崩溃。安托瓦内特和美狄亚都拒绝了他们的丈夫,他们是完全的陌生人在他们生活的世界,美狄亚放弃她的家庭和祖国为了杰森,安托瓦内特,黑人和白人的孩子文化,对她的血统感到不舒服。安托瓦内特的第一部分的叙述,描述了她的童年揭示了人物的一些先决条件的个人灾难。描述她的复杂与父母的关系,传达她的童年的梦想,安托瓦内特为她的个性提供线索。细节的人物描绘她的思想和情感;然而,安托瓦内特也以恩典池和爱德华。这样的比喻的描述揭示这一女性角色的新方面。例如,罗彻斯特将安托瓦内特描绘成一个充满激情和野生女吓他:“她是一个陌生人对我来说,一个陌生人谁不认为或觉得像我一样”(里斯,1999 p.55)。在这方面,作者挑战叙述者的可靠性信息,并含蓄地表明真相可能是不同的。欧里庇得斯的戏剧,比喻的描述是用来强调道德价值观和美狄亚的性格特征。这一点在她与杰森尤其明显,Kreon Aigeus;在所有这些话语美狄亚似乎是一个非常聪明的女人坚强的意志和优于男性。她操纵男性角色和控制的话语,用令人信服的计数器参数和讽刺。相反,安托瓦内特很少与其他角色,她在与人对话的经验常数抑制。但主人公的情感的表达在这些话语清晰地揭示了她的身份混淆。


The similar subjective technique is employed by Rhys in her representation of Antoinette. Although the author uses a different literary form, Antoinette is considerably developed through a subjective perspective. The first and the third parts of Rhys’ prose fiction are mainly narrated by Antoinette who, like Euripides’ Medea, is a tragic character that strives for love, but instead starts to experience mental collapse. Both Antoinette and Medea are rejected by their husbands, they are utter strangers in the worlds they live; Medea gives up her family and homeland for the sake of Jason, while Antoinette, a child of black and white cultures, feels uncomfortable about her descent. The first part of Antoinette’s narration that depicts her childhood reveals some prerequisites for the character’s personal catastrophe. Describing her complex relations with parents and conveying her childhood dreams, Antoinette provides clues to her personality. The character depicts her thoughts and emotions in details; however, Antoinette is also characterised by Grace Pool and Edward. Such figural characterisation uncovers new aspects of this female character. For instance, Rochester portrays Antoinette as a passionate and wild female who scares him: “she was a stranger to me, a stranger who did not think or feel as I did” (Rhys, 1999 p.55). In this regard, the author challenges the reliability of narrators’ information and implicitly shows that the truth may be different. In Euripides’ drama, figural characterisation is used to accentuate moral values and traits of Medea’s character. This is particularly evident in her conversations with Jason, Kreon and Aigeus; in all these discourses Medea appears as a really intelligent woman who has strong will and is superior to men. She manipulates male characters and controls the discourses, using convincing counter arguments and irony. On the contrary, Antoinette rarely interacts with other characters, and in her conversations with men she experiences constant suppression. But the protagonist’s expression of emotions during these discourses clearly reveals her confused identity.

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