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综合课程是指在课程或技能之间建立起重要的联系,这些联系通常是针对不同的学科领域的。一种综合的学习方法被设计成在课程中集中学习,设置范围和建立跨年和跨层次的学习的连续性。昆士兰研究管理局的文件包含了教师在课堂上锻炼的内容和成绩标准,以促进学生学习。规划矩阵课程系列课程与1 – 3年级的学习者有关,因为它是一门可以整合到课程中的课程。它还强调学习的要点、目标和价值,应用差异化、修改、结果、范围和顺序。这个综合矩阵与学校有关,因为在健康和营养方面在当今社会中起着很大的作用。在过去几十年里,健康问题被认为是一个重要的问题。营养是健康和幸福的焦点。营养与人类的发展、生产以及最终的生长有关。我们将发现以下场景与健康的集成矩阵之间的关系。考虑一下了解如何营养饮食和成为健康公民所需的技能和知识。有一些基本的事情是必须知道和能够做的。你怎么知道营养食品和垃圾食品的区别?决定哪些营养选择对健康至关重要。选择适当数量的食物,将不同的食物组合在一起。因此,考虑到现实生活中的情况,它与学习者专注于以后在生活中使用的技能有关。整合课程的目的是建立知识、技能、创造力、身体、社会和智力能力,以及加强他们的情感健康。


Integrated curriculum is about making significant connections between subjects or skills that are usually addressing several different subject areas integrating curriculum can also improve learning experiences. An integrated approach to learning is designed to focus learning within the curriculum, setting perimeters and establishes the continuity of learning across the years and levels. Queensland Studies Authority documents contain the content and achievement standards for teachers to exercise within their classrooms, promoting student learning. The planning matrix lesson series relates to learners between year 1 – 3 as it is a can be integrated to curriculum. It also addresses the learning essentials, objectives, and values, applying differentiation, modifications, outcomes and scope and sequence. This integrated matrix relates to school because in health and nutrition plays a large role within today’s society. The issue of health is recognised as an important concern over the last several decades. Nutrition is the focal point of health and well-being. Nutrition is related to human development, production and ultimately to the growth. We will discover how the following scenario relates to integrating matrix of being healthy. Consider the skills and knowledge necessary to understand how to eat nutritiously and become healthy citizens. There are some fundamental things that must be know and be able to do. How do you know the difference between nutritional and junk foods? The ability to decide what nutritional choices are available is crucial to being healthy. To choose the correct amount of food that incorporate the food groups. Therefore, given real-life situations make it relevant for the learner focusing on skills that can be used later on in life. The purpose of integrating curriculums is to build the knowledge, skills, creativity, physical, social and intellectual capabilities, as well as strengthening their emotional well-being.


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