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He is right because most of the time teachers perform ineffectively with certain children because they come from different cultural and educational backgrounds and have different learning styles. Despite of having children like these in class the teachers are forced to educate all which is a challenging task for her. During my own education and my teaching career I have noticed that many teachers bring the academic standards down to fit all learners’ needs, pushing the reluctant workers to the back seats of the class & avoiding them taking part in class activities and avoiding eye contact and interactions between certain children when needed. This type of behaviour of the teachers created discrimination among labelled pupils such as low group, SEN and LD which prohibited these learners to learn like other children. In our school for year-3 children the topic World War-2 should be taught as part of the History lesson. The teacher commented on the objectives of the lesson as they are too hard for the low ability group to understand and the video clip on World War-2 is too hard for them to grasp therefore, she was advised to adapt the unit and choose the objectives according to the abilities as Anyon cited in Hollins (1996) explains,Anyon’s (1990) discussion of the curriculum, differentiated according to social class, reveals the implicit or hidden curriculum. The planned curriculum was similar for all social class groups; however, the hidden curriculum included a relationship to capital that was different for each group.

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