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Independent Practice – The teacher releases students to practice on their own based on #3-#6. Once the teacher is sure that the students have understood how to determine the moral of a story and what exactly the story means to them personally the teacher can then have the students go to the lab in groups and therefore find their own pieces of media that they can analyze together. Students will be discussing the piece of media they choose and detailing what exactly that piece of media means to them personally. This will use the methods of drill and practice and discussion.Closure – A review or wrap-up of the lesson – “Tell me/show me what you have learned today”. At the end of the lesson the teacher will give a short homework assignment to the students to demonstrate what they have learned. The students will be required to go on specific websites that the teacher has provided for them and analyze different forms of literature, such as stories, articles or even photographs. Students will then have to analyze the literature and decide how they feel about that piece of literature specifically, they can present these ideas in a short 7-10 sentence explanation that they will be required to bring to the next class. This will allow students to demonstrate what they have learned and present it in a explanatory piece of writing to the teacher.


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