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认为最成功的教师能够适应他们的教学风格的独特和多样化的技能和学生的能力。我和Riggs gholar意味着每个孩子或学生是独特的和特殊的人需要一个有利的教学/学习的氛围,很好的保护,这具有爱心和激励的环境中,他/她将成长和发展精神、社会、情感、道德和理智。我相信,我的目标是作为一名教师的教练,引导学习者满足每个人的最大潜力,在研究中他们承担通过一种气氛,需要分享的规定,一种气氛,是安全的,一个鼓励冒险的氛围,和一种气氛,让学习者在谈判的意义世界。所有的人都有学习的能力和技能,因此我的职责是帮助个别学习者认识并知道每个人能学得最好。我的职责是帮助提供技能和资源来促进他们学习能力的发展。 教导意味着有勇气发展灵性意志-培养学生的内在力量和学习欲望。教导意味着有勇气去培养文化意志–庆祝过去生活在过去的每个人的独特性,活在当下,活在未来。教导意味着有勇气把生命视为机会–支持和改造人类的状态。教导意味着有勇气认识自己-邀请我们未知的,创造性的和精神的组成部分带领我们进入负责任的行动。


Riggs and Gholar argue that The most successful teachers are able to adapt their teaching style to the unique and diverse skills and abilities of their students. To me Riggs and Gholar imply that each child or learner is unique and an idiosyncratic human being who requires a conducive teaching/learning atmosphere that is well secured, that has elements of caring and a motivating environment in which he/she will grow and develop spiritually, socially, emotionally, morally, and intellectually. I believe that my aim as a teacher is to coach, direct and guide the learners meet each one’s maximum potential in the studies they undertake through the provision of an atmosphere that calls for idea sharing, an atmosphere that is safe, an atmosphere that encourages risk-taking, and an atmosphere that allows the learners explore the world in negotiating meaning. All human beings possess the ability and skill of learning, hence my duty is to aid the individual learners realise and know how best each one can learn. It is also my duty to help in the provision of the skills and resources to promote the development of their learning abilities.
To teach means to have the courage to develop spiritual will – to foster students’ inner strength and desire to learn. To teach means to have the courage to foster cultural will – to celebrate the uniqueness of every human who has lived in the past, is living in the present, and will live in the future. To teach means to have the courage to view life as opportunity- to support and transform the human condition. To teach means to have the courage to know ourselves – to invite our unknown, creative, and spiritual components to lead us into responsible action.

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