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Students are highly particular when it comes to the extracurricular activities which they are involved with. Some students prefer to be involved with things that are beneficial to them and not just activities that are not going to help them in their lives. Some of these students are on the fence of the schools music programs, having once participated in various instrumental and vocal ensembles, but dropped them, would prefer to have curricular developments in the study of popular music styles, including rock or pop music ensembles which could be taught by music teachers and professional musicians. For these students, the typical jazz ensemble was simply not cutting it for them. “Even within the scope of what should have been an invitation to adolescents to describe the favorable assets of school music programs that should not be ‘BAN-ned,’ these programs may not yet be fully in touch with the needs of a considerable population of young people in secondary schools.” (MENC 11). The lack of student participation in musical ensembles is due to their self-consciousness of being labeled as “band geek.” Most students in high school have this notion in their head that if they play an instrument such as the clarinet or trumpet, they will be labeled by their peers. On the other hand, students do not become involved with musical activities due to the simple fact that the music is not what they would like to be learning. According to the MENC newsletter, it states that “Music should be a mandatory course just like Math, Science, and English, in all schools – not just high schools.” The lack of funding for the arts also has a big portion of influence to what courses are placed into the school’s curriculum. Other clubs and activities such as football, basketball, and cheerleading are given greater quantities of funds which are unfair to music departments which are always being questioned for their purpose.

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