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这两个领域的教育体系大致分为三个阶段:小学、中学和高等教育。学前阶段是为5岁以下的儿童引入的,并进一步分为三个阶段,玩耍小组,托儿所和幼儿园。学生从小学到中学再到高中。高中毕业后,成功的学生进入大学,被称为高等中等教育。在初等教育之后,男女平等的教育是社区的首选,但在白沙瓦的私立机构中确实存在男女同校教育,尽管在开伯尔机构中没有。课程通常由伊斯兰堡的联邦课程局设计,由杰出的教育家制定课程目标。每个省都有自己的教科书委员会来执行联邦课程局制定的课程。省级教科书委员会的权限有限,但可以对课程进行一些修改,需经联邦课程局批准。省级教科书委员会通过不同的考试委员会管理和监督考试。(Iqbal 2007)由联邦局设计的课程在白沙瓦和开伯尔机构的私立和公立学校都有实施。在白沙瓦,私营部门采用O级和A级教育制度。在私立和公立机构中,共同的科目有乌尔都语、英语、数学、社会研究、伊斯兰教、计算机科学以及其他科学科目,如化学、物理和生物。在私立学校,教学的媒介是英语,而公立学校则是乌尔都语。(马吉德2007)。中等教育教男孩{ sic }应用原则他正在学习,所以学习原则运用它们,使用仪器他是知道,执行或生产什么,解释文学或科学,让一幅画或者一本书,一个塑料或手工艺术实践,说服陪审团或说服参议院,翻译或注释的作者,染羊毛、编织布、设计或构造一个机器,导航一艘船或命令军队(布莱斯1895)。中学教育被视为为学生进入职业生涯做准备,这就是为什么在获得高等中学证书后,这两个领域的学生都可以参加医学和工程类专业院校的入学考试。那些在入学考试中不及格的人遵循艺术道路或其他科学科目。


The education system in both areas is broadly divided into three stages namely; Primary, Secondary and Higher education. The pre school stage is introduced for children less then 5 years old and is further divided into three stages, play group, Nursery and Kinder Garden. Students progress from Primary schools to Middle schools and then High school. After completing High school (SSC), successful students progress to college, and is called Higher Secondary State Education (HSSC). After Primary Education, unisex education is the communities preferred choice but co-education does exist in Private Institution in Peshawar although not in Khyber Agency. The curriculum is usually designed by the federal curriculum bureau in Islamabad with prominent educationalists setting the objectives of the curriculum. Every province has its own text book boards who implement the curriculum made by the federal curriculum bureau. The provincial text book board has limited authority but can make some changes to the curriculum, subject to the approval of federal curriculum bureau. The provincial text book board conducts and monitors exams through different exam boards. (Iqbal 2007)The curriculum designed by the federal bureau is implemented in both private and state schools in Peshawar and Khyber Agency. O level and A level education system is employed in private sector in Peshawar. In Both private and state institutions the common subjects are Urdu, English, Maths, Social Studies, Islamyat, Computer science, and other science subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Biology. In Private schools, the medium of instruction is English whilst state schools teach in Urdu. (Majeed 2007). Secondary education teaches the boy{sic} to apply the principle he is learning, and so to learn the principles by applying them, or so to use the instruments he is being made to know, as to perform or produce something, interpret literature or a science, make a picture or a book, practice a plastic or a manual art, convince a jury or persuade a senate, translate or annotate an author, dye wool, weave cloth, design or construct a machine, navigate a ship or command an army (Bryce 1895). Secondary education is viewed as preparing students for entry into a career and that is why, after gaining the higher secondary school certificate (HSSC), students in both areas can appear in the entry test for professional institutions like medical and engineering colleges. Those who are unsuccessful in the entry tests follow the arts path or other science subjects.


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