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本文旨在介绍版权法、公平使用法以及教师遵守版权法的义务。在这篇文章中,你会发现不同的版权法,以及这个案例或法律的反映。最后,你会读到对教师来说,了解版权法有多重要,以及它们如何影响教师。我希望本文能提供著作权法发展的基础和背景所需要的信息。据研究图书馆协会称,版权法的历史起源于15世纪末印刷术传入英国(ARL 2017)。由于印刷机越来越多,出版需要控制。在整个欧洲,书籍的增长迅速,从最早的文学海盗(HOC PP1)开始,就迫切需要保护作者和出版商的权利。根据德蒙特福特大学的说法,版权是一个术语,用来定义由于创作者的智慧而存在于各种作品中的法律产权。有许多法律为版权创造,而不发生:1787- U。《美国宪法》,《1790年版权法》,1853- Stowe与Thomas, 1891-国际版权条约,2005-家庭娱乐与版权法。通过这些法案是为了确保没有人被控侵犯版权。


This paper is to give information on the copyright laws, Fair Use Act and the obligation of the classroom teacher to follow copyright laws. Within the paper, you will find different copyright laws and the reflection of that case or law. Lastly, you will read how important it is for teachers to understand copyright laws and how they can affect the teacher. I hope this paper gives the information needed to give the basic of Copyright Laws and background to the development of the Copyright laws. According to the Association of Research Libraries, the history of the Copyright law originated with the introduction of the printing press to England in the late fifteenth century (ARL 2017). Due to the rising number of printing presses, publication needed to be controlled. Across Europe, book growth exploded and there was an immediate need for protection of the rights of both the author and publisher from the earliest of literary pirates (HOC PP1). Per De Montfort University, copyright is a term used to define the legal property right subsisting in various works which result from the intellect of the creator. There were many laws created for copyright to not happen: 1787- U.S Constitution, 1790- Copyright Act, 1853- Stowe Vs. Thomas, 1891- International Copyright Treaty, 2005- Family Entertainment and Copyright Act. These were passed to ensure that no person was accused of copyright infringement.


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