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自独立以来为实现教育性别平等所作的努力未能实现其目标,并有效地管理了肯尼亚男童的权力。尽管政府努力使男童和女童都能参与和接受教育,但小学和中学的辍学率仍然很高。从经济角度看,教育是经济增长的关键决定因素,过早辍学意味着男孩失去潜在的生产力。从教育的角度来看,辍学率提高了达到一定教育水平人口比例的目标的成本(Hanushek, Lavy,和Hitomi 2006)。虽然退学在比例上可能显得微不足道,但它在穷人中占了优势,因此使贫穷的世代相传的车轮对他们不利。在个人层面上,辍学意味着一个人将陷入未来的低收入轨迹和赤贫之中。这项研究的目的是确定这些政府政策,个人问题和社会实践的Luhya和Iteso社区在布希亚县,造成高辍学儿童的教育水平。然而,在肯尼亚的教育系统中,跨性别的辍学率一直是一个长期存在的问题。与肯尼亚的许多地方一样,布希亚县小学和中学的男生辍学率都很高。本研究旨在调查这种趋势的原因。


The efforts which have been employed since independence to achieve gender parity in education have failed its objectives and manage effectively the empowerment of the boy child in Kenya. In spite of the government effort to enable both the boy child and girl child participation and access to education, there is still a high dropout rate in both primary and secondary levels. In an economic perspective, education is known to be a key determinant of economic growth and premature dropout means loss of potential productivity for the boy child. In an educational perspective, dropout raises the cost of achieving a targeted proportion of the population having some level of schooling (Hanushek, Lavy, and Hitomi 2006). Although drop out may appear insignificant in proportion but it is preponderant among the poor which thereupon turns the wheels of intergenerational transmission of poverty against them. At personal level, dropping out of school will mean consigning one to a future of low-income trajectory and abject poverty. The aim of this study is to identify these governmental policies, personal problems, and societal practices of the Luhya and Iteso communities in Busia County that account for high dropout levels of the boy child’s education. However, the dropout rate across genders has been a perennial problem in the Kenyan education system. Similarly like many parts of Kenya, Busia County has been experiencing a high dropout rate of male students in both primary and secondary schools. This study seeks to investigate the reason for this trend.


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