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The glocalization strategy that B&W Zeppelin iPod docks could rely on is to tailor its marketing mix according to the development of the country. When the firm is operating in countries that could be categorized as developed, the organization could offer its standardized products with standard features. However, if the organization will be required some adaptation while operating in underdeveloped countries where the organization may find it extremely hard to offer the product at the stated price and accomplish the market penetration objective (Leonidou et al., 2002). This problem could be resolved by offering products in such market having lesser features than the standardized product that the firm offers in the developed countries like USA, UK or other European countries (Mark, 2010). This will help the organization to get some trial and once they experience the ordinary features of the product they may be willing to purchase the standardized product that could be then offered to them. However, the organization has to tailor its promotion and communication mix accordingly and should use the appropriate communication mix which should portray what the brand has been offering and how such offerings are distinguished from what is available in the market. This means positioning is the key to success for B&W Zeppelin iPod docks, no matter where the organization has been operating (Leonidou et al., 2002).

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