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第三个组成部分是任务重要性。4 .任务意义在讲师工作实践中,指的是讲师让学生了解他们所学到的知识或技能不仅适用于课程成绩,也适用于未来的工作。神威学院的讲师在必要的情况下,通过举例的方式,从其生活经历中了解到,所提供的课题可以应用于家庭环境、社会环境或工作环境中。讲师也给学生一个关于现在家庭、组织或社会问题的案例,并要求学生应用所给的材料来解决这个问题。因此,学生们意识到这些材料不仅可以帮助他们在课堂上,也可以在课外。第四部分是自主性。讲师工作实践的自主性意味着讲师在执行课程时有机会主动完成工作,并做出自己的决定。例如,神威学院的讲座具有提高学生自主性的主动性,所以他或她在布置作业时,会要求学生做任何他们想做的研究,只要这些研究仍然与他或她所讲的主题相关。在这种情况下,学生做研究没有任何指导方针。他们选择他们想要的研究,只要它仍然与主题相关;通过观察、访谈或发放问卷进行研究,最后学生必须按时提交作业。


The third component is task significance. Task significance in lecturers’ work practice means lecturers give an understanding to students that the knowledge or skill they have learned not only for courses grades but also for their future job. Lecturers in Sunway College give an understanding by using examples, if necessary from his or her life experiences that the subjects are given can be applied in a family environment, social environment or working environment. Lecturer also gives students a case about nowadays family, organisation, or social problem, and asks students to apply the material that given to solve that problem. So, students realize that the material can help them not only in class, but also outside the class.The fourth component is autonomy. Autonomy in lecturers’ work practice means lecturers have an opportunity to do their work with their own initiative and make their own decision in carrying out the course. For example, lecture in Sunway College has initiative to enhance students’ autonomy, so he or she makes a decision in giving assignment by asking students to conduct any research they wanted as long as it was still related to the topic that he or she has told. In this situation, the students do the research without any guidelines. They select what researches they want as long as it remains relate to the topic; do research with observation, interview, or distributed questionnaire, and at the end students must submit assignment on time.


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