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Corporate America should start “thinking out-side the box” and finding alterative ideas to off-shoring. It is true companies are saving money and having an increase in profits by off-shoring, but this does not help the average person needing to pay the bills. By looking at colleges in the area and hiring newly graduated students. Graduated students are inexperience and do not require a high wage, they are looking for experience. By hiring a graduate, this provides the person experience, the company is paying a low wage, and the job is staying in America. People who are on assistance are another area to look into. By teaching a person a new skill, this takes them off assistance, provides them experience, and again keeps the job in America. Extensive growth in the practice of offshore outsourcing has raised a number of political and social concerns. On one hand, it helps in creating new employment opportunities within offshore country but on the other hand, it results in cutbacks for white collar jobs within America. In addition to this, it also raises issues pertaining to the quality and confidentiality of specialized and sensitive work that gets outsourced to a foreign country. Offshore outsourcing of jobs, especially white collar jobs to India has emerged as one of hottest issues in United States.


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