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Despite the fact that some people don’t have much penchant for mathematics and see it as an extremely difficult subject, it is a necessity in all facets of society. Two main reasons for difficulties of learning mathematics are the abstract structure of mathematics and teachers’ efforts to make students memorize the subject instead of helping them internalize mathematical knowledge (Summers, 2006). In addition, math teaching methods may have a positive impact on students’ understanding and performance in this subject area.Information Communication Technology (ICT) an area that has pervaded every facet of human life with the mastery of computer applications giving a competitive edge to individuals in the school as well as job markets. ICT can be used to leverage instructional methods in the schools. According to Chung (2004) who noted that mmethods of teaching mathematics are founded upon and directly affected by the educator’s investigations of learning. Teachers must investigate and use best teaching practices to impact student learning. Computer-based instructions will no doubt be a useful method to introduce mathematical concepts most especially those viewed as difficult topics.


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