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进一步确认PSHE给学生带来的好处所反映出的是教育部(2010)指出,学科发展学生的能力在某种程度上他们能够做出明智的选择,可以帮助学校和社会解决重大问题,如药物滥用和适当性/行为的关系。此外,政府已强调了需要通过强调个人发展在教育的需要提供一个平衡的课程肯定主题知识和个人的重要性,社会、健康和经济意识的综述国家课程证实了政府的观点,PSHE应该形成法定课程的一部分,虽然他们建议,这项规定应由个别学校/地方当局控制,以满足特定环境中儿童的需要,但有一项附带条件,即可以清楚地观察和记录儿童的个人发展。显然,公共卫生服务同时发挥了若干作用- -确保保护儿童的立法作用、使儿童在长大后能够作出宝贵贡献的社会作用、由于儿童感到情感安全而帮助提高教育水平的学术作用、人权的作用PSHE在任何教育环境中所能产生的影响和影响的程度将取决于处理这一主题的方式以及工作人员,甚至整个学校对这一主题的投入程度。学校可以采用离散的学科方法,为学生和教师提供更大程度的严肃性,这在中学环境中更容易实现。跨课程教学法是一种被认为是更可取的一种主要设置,因为孩子们能够在不同学科领域之间建立认知联系,同时处理专业人员为他们设置的活动。一个完整的学校方法要求整个学校社区参与到提供一种特定的校风中来,这种校风不仅通过课程内容提供,而且还通过整个学校环境中发生的交互作用提供,就像同龄人之间和成年人之间的交互作用一样。


Further acknowledgement of the benefits that PSHE brings to pupils was highlighted by the DfE (2010) who made the point that the subject develops pupils’ skills to the extent that they are able to make informed choices and can help schools and society address major issues such as the misuse of drugs and appropriate sex/relationship behaviour. Furthermore, the government has stressed the need for personal development within education through highlighting the need to provide a balanced curriculum which affirms the importance of subject knowledge and personal, social, health and economic awareness This review of the National Curriculum (DfE, 2011) confirmed the government’s view that PSHE should form part of the statutory curriculum, although they recommended that the provision should be under the control of individual schools/local authorities in order to cater for the needs of children within specific environments, with the proviso that children’s personal development could be clearly observed and documented. Clearly, PSHE simultaneously fulfils a number of roles – a legislative role which ensures the safeguarding of children, a societal role that enables children to make a valuable contribution as they mature, an academic role in helping to raise educational standards as a result of children feeling emotionally secure, and a human rights role The level of influence and impact that PSHE can have within any educational environment will depend upon the way in which the subject is approached and the extent to which the staff, and indeed the school as a whole, are committed to it. Schools can adopt a discrete subject approach which provides it with a greater degree of gravitas for both pupils and teachers which is more easily achieved in a secondary school environment. A cross curricular approach is one that is seen as more desirable in a primary setting, in that children are able to make cognitive links between different subject areas whilst tackling the activities that are set for them by practitioners. A whole school approach requires the whole school community to become involved in delivering a specific ethos which is provided not only through lesson content, but also in the interactions which take place across the school environment as peers interact with each other and adults.


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