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新西兰教育学assignment代写 美国希望法案

在一个突出的差异是2017年的美国希望法案实施教育组成部分的行为要求维护状态的一部分居民反对承认美国儿童法案,只有州非移民需要获得了教育水平或工作证件。另一个不同之处是《承认美国儿童法》要求在2012年取消对儿童的免职;而《美国希望法案》则要求在2016年取消对儿童的免职。《美国希望法案》(American Hope Act)已拨款帮助帮助移民的永久居民。承认美国儿童没有或没有资金来源来帮助。《美国希望法案》(American Hope Act)设立了一个“总统奖”(Presidential Award),奖励那些努力让自己的移民雇员成为美国人、并在掌握英语的同时获得更高学术知识的企业。这两项法律的年龄限制不同,分别是承认美国儿童必须在16岁之前进入美国,以及美国希望法案要求在18岁之前进入美国。《承认美国儿童法案》(The America ‘s Children Act)规定了一项条款,规定所有符合该法案条件的人仍需遵守所有适用的联邦税收指南。《美国希望法案》(American Hope Act)规定,如果逾期未缴,不需要缴纳或欠缴此类税款。根据《承认美国儿童法案》(American ‘s Children Act),有条件的永久居民旅行最多允许180次,但根据《美国希望法案》(American Hope Act),不计算从美国出发的时间。《美国希望法案》(American Hope Act)没有教育或军事跟踪申请指南,但《承认美国儿童法案》(The America ‘s Children Act)有,并允许这一过程成为他们入籍的一部分。归化的过程因这两项法案而异。承认美国儿童的初始期为5年,承认美国希望法案为8年。

新西兰教育学assignment代写 美国希望法案

In one of the differences that stood out was the American Hope Act of 2017 enforces an educational component in their act as part of a requirement for maintaining state residency oppose to the Recognizing America’s Children Act which only states that nonimmigrants need to have acquired a level of education or working credentials. Another difference is the Recognizing America’s Children Act requires the cancellation of the removal of children in 2012; whereas the American Hope Act states requires the cancellation of the removal of children in 2016. The American Hope Act has built in a grant to help aid the permanent residents of immigrants. The Recognizing America’s Children has not or has a funding source to assist. The American Hope Act has created a Presidential Award for businesses that strive to promote their employees who are immigrants becoming Americans and achieving higher academic learning along with knowing the English language. Age limits that differ between the two are Recognizing America’s Children must have entered the United States before the age of 16 and the American Hope Act required entering the United states before the age of 18. The Recognizing America’s Children Act has imbedded a clause that states all those that qualify under this act are still required to adhere to all applicable Federal tax guidelines. The American Hope Act states no such taxes are required to be paid or owed if past due. Conditional permanent resident travel is allowed for up to 180 through the Recognizing American’s Children Act, yet under not calculated in break of departure from the United States under the American Hope Act. The American Hope Act has no Education or Military track application guidelines, but the Recognizing America’s Children Act does and allows for this process to be part of their naturalization. The process for naturalization differs on both acts. The Recognizing American’s Children initial period is five years and for American Hope Act is eight years.

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