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这项比较研究之间的马来西亚科学课程和斯坦纳的科学课程,主要是为了获得深入了解的研究和讨论了许多关于。在经历了马来西亚的科学课程和追求荣誉的科学教育程度后,研究人员非常熟悉该国的科学教育课程,特别是有关其内容和教学方法的问题。然而,研究人员认为,新知识的新的教育课程是有益的,以确保更好的科学教育质量。这是重要的,鉴于提供最好的科学在马来西亚学校的背景下。在试图改善现有的课程,这将是有趣的马来西亚标准的科学课程相比,其他发达国家。这是重要的,以确保我们的学生将能够在全球范围内竞争。 在国家课程的比较研究提供背景信息如何理解现有的优势和弱点,本课程(Moosa和车这车,no date未注明出版日期)。因此,本研究可以建议方法,以帮助学生在科学的主题,也有助于科学教师在教学中。这是至关重要的,在过去的几年中,已经有很多关于马来西亚科学课程讨论的问题和讨论的主要部分围绕教学和学习过程。因此,它提出了研究人员的兴趣,调查的问题,使研究人员可以发现的方法来改善马来西亚的科学课程,以创造有效的教训,但在愉快的环境中,为学生学习科学。


This comparative study between the Malaysian science curriculum and the Steiner Waldorf in science curriculum was conducted primarily to gain insights on the much-researched and discussed about Steiner curriculum. Having experienced the Malaysian science curriculum and after pursuing an honors’ degree in science education, the researcher is very familiar with the country’s science education curriculum, especially issues pertaining to its content and pedagogical approach. However, the researcher is with the opinion that new knowledge of new educational curriculum can be useful in ensuring better quality of science education. This is important in view of providing the best in science in the context of Malaysian schools. In view of trying to improve the existing curriculum it would be interesting to find out the standard of Malaysian science curriculum in comparison to other developed countries. This is important to ensure that our students will be able to compete globally.Comparative study of curriculum across countries provides background information about how to understand existing strengths and weaknesses of the present curriculum (Moosa & Che Azura Che An, n.d). Therefore, this research can suggest ways to help students to perform in the subject of science and also help science teachers in their teaching. This is crucial as over the past few years, there have been a lot of problems discussed about the Malaysian science curriculum and the major part of the discussion revolves around the teaching and learning process. As a result, it raised the researcher’s interest to look into the matter so that the researcher could discover ways to improve the Malaysian science curriculum in order to create effective lessons yet in enjoyable environment for the students to learn science.


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