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It is in this regard that early childhood educators in mathematics should create the basic foundation required in the education system. This can significantly create meaningful understanding on how pre-service teachers and in-service teachers in early childhood education for mathematics should handle and evaluate their teaching abilities and methods. However, it remains uncertain whether pre-service teachers and in-service teachers in early childhood education for mathematics have significantly the same knowledge of mathematical development and belief. Thus, it is important to evaluate their knowledge of development and belief about it so as to come up with a clear justification if there is a need to align their level of skills, knowledge and beliefs if necessary.Even though Platas (2008) was able to compare early childhood teachers based on their knowledge of early mathematical development and beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning in the preschool classroom, there was no comparison done between pre-service and in-service preschool teachers in this regard. The researcher believes that this research gap needs to be filled since future and current teachers’ knowledge and beliefs will inevitably create an impact in young children’s mathematical knowledge development. It would be interesting to determine if experience in teaching of in-service teachers have affected their knowledge and beliefs on mathematical knowledge development and beliefs or if they remain the same as their pre-service counterparts. Hence this study will analyze and review in-service teachers’ and pre-service preschool teachers’ understanding on mathematical knowledge development and beliefs


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