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Learning is an interesting process for students, teachers and curriculum designers in the field of education. Constructivism has become a very important and a powerful way of thinking in the recent years. Emphasis is given to constructivism approach lately in all schools and educational institutes. To enhance constructivism in the teaching and learning processes, the need to teach metacognition is equally important because it plays a vital role in successful learning.It is the school’s mission to create problem solvers with critical thinking skills. This skill is very needed in moulding the students in becoming active participants in our society who can make valid decisions. Students need the ability to interact and work with others effectively. Therefore it is our part as educators to help our students gain the ability to be able to fit into the society well. We need to help students to build knowledge based upon what they have already known.As language teachers, it is believed that it is essential to provide learners with chances to experience what the learner is learning. Learners need to really get involved in the process of learning.The focus on teaching and learning are needed if teachers are to implement constructivism and metacognitive approach to thinking. Therefore proper lesson planning is needed to focus on what the teacher and students will do.


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