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According to this reform, from the 2019 year science lessons will be taught in the English language. In this section, I will discuss how this debatable and controversial reform was introduced by the government.Ongoing reforms in the education sector of the Republic Kazakhstan provide a number of initiatives, including the introduction of the trilingual education system at all levels of education, which aims to shape the future generation, fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. While this reform might seem positive and meaningful, indeed due to several reasons as a time to implement the change and teacher training thus makes schools and management team struggle in the successful implementation of this reform.The objectives of language policy of the modern Kazakhstan reflects in the address of President of Republic of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev, “Kazakhstan in the new world” (2007), in which the framework of competitiveness of country and its citizens, proposed phased implementation of the cultural project called “The unity of three languages”, aimed to the development of three Languages: Kazakh as the state language, Russian as the language of international communication and English as the language of successful integration into the global economy.


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