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In a qualitative research methodology, there are variations of analytical approaches that researchers can utilize for their data analysis. Some of these analytical approaches are Narrative Inquiry, Narrative Research, Case Study, and IPA. Regardless of the qualitative approach, the scholar-practitioner has the momentum to create and organize files of information. Second, the scholar-practitioner must engage in the process of a general reading and memoing of information. As alluded in Creswell (2013) this develops an impression of the data and allows the researcher to begin the process of making sense of the information collected. When all methods organize a phase of description, the researcher will begin to construct a scheme of the process. Suitable questions must be formulated by the scholar-practitioner so the focus is centered on personal meaning and the identification of a potential “shared experience.”Though the scholar-practitioner could make arguments for the justification of any one of these methods, at present time, IPA seems to be the most promising in terms of exploring trends in the opting out of foreign language courses when identified LD students are completing their academics studies. More specifically, the scholar-practitioner wishes to understand the lived experiences of a selected sampling of her LD students. By examining their individual narratives, the scholar-practitioner seeks to find out what foreign language experiences have been like up to this point in the students’ academic careers. The aim is to actively look at the direction of the phenomena and determine what literature will be used to ground the research data to identify potential problems LD students have/face when entering a foreign language environment.


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