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Countries such as Myanmar experience an increase of women in sex trade due to the lack of wealth in other occupations presented to them. Women that become sex workers often pursue it due to the hardships presented to them at an early age, and they often continue to do it for their entire lives because of the dangers facing the women if they try to leave. Organizations such as The Global Partnership for Education have voiced the issue of the underfunding in the education sector and the positive implications it can have on the opportunities presented to women which is why they have “designated US $73.7 million to Myanmar within 4.5 years in order to aide the country in their first attempt to improve the quality of education.”[19] This money will be used to help impoverished communities improve schooling. In Myanmar “approximately 23% (2.7 million children) within the ages of 5-16 years old do not attend school.”[20] If Myanmar uses the funds wisely and sets objectives for following years they are likely to see results, and provide the women of Myanmar with more job opportunities and self-fulfillment.


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