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There is definitely a strong link between poverty and disability in the country. Most of the people with disabilities are seen as part of a ‘fifth castle’-below all others- reinforcing their marginalisation from society. As a result these are discouraged to go to school and end up being vagabonds. But what is even sadder is that in some cases families make their children disable somehow by cutting arms, legs, others so that they can beg for money in the streets.The government needs to understand that these children are highly productive and contributing citizens. So their education cannot be ignored. Despite the efforts of the NGOs and the government, it is clear that the national objective “Education for all” has not being achieved yet. Clear examples are the private schools in some urban areas of India, which have voluntarily implemented special education. This doesn’t show anything more than the geographically inequalities in the country… where are the schools that offer special education in rural areas? Additionally, because they are private schools require the payment of fees, making it not accessible for all.There is an important need to make easier the access of disable children to education. Because of the size and diversity of the country, the government should take the responsibility of implementing a central policy and have as priorities improve the educational system and therefore improve the children’s quality life.


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