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把技术融入课堂仍然是一个分裂的问题。研究者和教育家争论技术的利用是一种损害还是一种利益。大多数研究人员认为,适当的实施和支持的技术可以帮助赋权和激励教师和学生。有效的技术使用可以帮助提高思维的学生参与真实和复杂的任务,在协作学习的背景下。在最近的研究中,学生在计算机操作指令在第六十四个百分位数的得分成绩测试在非计算机控制条件得分在第五十位数的(波利,Mims,牧羊人,和一个,2010)。然而,批评者认为,没有任何有价值的研究支持技术的主张是有用的学校。 如果技术真的促进有意义的学习,那么为什么它难以融入课堂?看来,有人怀疑它是学习的障碍,因为学生不能写或读。因此,适当的训练是必要的,以消除这种怀疑。此外,教育工作者应该学习如何利用技术作为一种工具,支持协作和沟通。本节将提供有关现有技术的有关技术纳入课堂。


The incorporation of technology into the classroom remains a divisive matter. Researchers and educators argue on the utilization of technology as either a detriment or a benefit. Most researchers believe that a proper implementation and support of technology can help in empowering and exciting teachers and students. Effective technology use can help improve thinking by engaging students in authentic and complex tasks in the context of collaborative learning. In a recent study, students who operated under computer-based instructions in the achievement tests scored in the 64th percentile while the ones under non-computer based control conditions scored at the 50th percentile (Polly, Mims, Shepherd, & Inan, 2010). However, critics postulate that no valuable research support the claims of technology being useful in schools.If technology really promotes meaningful learning, then why is it hard to integrate it in the classroom? It appears that there is skepticism on it being a hindrance to learning because students cannot write or read. Therefore, proper training is necessary to eliminate this skepticism. In addition, educators should learn how to utilize technology as a tool for supporting collaboration and communication. This section will provide an account of the existing relevant literature regarding the incorporation of technology into the classroom.


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