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新西兰经济学代写assignment 本土企业


新西兰经济学代写assignment 本土企业

The government needs to support the growth fro indigenous business sector via encouraging indigenous people to seek advice from a business expert to help them with planning strategies from a key stakeholder for the sector, also encourage skills development – to promote indigenous people going through by participating in business administration and management training via the educational course. Build a knowledge base on the indigenous business sector – which needs to work together with ABS to decide a better solution, size, diversity, growth area and success factor from the private sector.Another sector is most important are the financial sector, we can’t say that this is not a source of entire business, as indigenous people they need a financial support to help them start-up business or help then continually operate a business. To improve the access in this part indigenous need the government support to meet their need in business so they will be more client centers and services in business development regional area from start-up growth and business support program, to ensure that mainstream support business program is accessible for indigenous people and businesses networks. Removing barrier to accessing financial – need to work with the businesses leaders, to improve financial small and medium indigenous corporation. However, the private sector is also important, as you know the private sector is another option to help indigenous business bring them into the mainstream economy.


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