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的事件和精力来解决这些问题在我们的教育系统中,目前在翻译面临的这些消息对他们应该采取什么类的学生,将属于特定的职业。我建议约翰逊女士提出了什么。是投资发现解决方案来减少我们的学校和班级规模一旦发生,我认为老师可以有更多的一对一的时间与学生。在开发或帮助学生找出技能是必要的。顾问将有希望带领学生职业生涯的道路,在这种情况下作为一个牙科保健师。我建议,这个国家需要一个真正的努力改善我们的教育系统。如果需要,他们必须介入,任命一位老师或教育家各自领域已经显示出非凡的进步使我们的教育系统颠倒,摇晃它,看看垃圾出来。我们需要发送给国会和地方当局。我们需要签署请愿书,写他们。不管有多少次他们被拒绝或忽视,最终会有人听,也许注意足以改变系统。也是我强烈相信,我们的学校应该把一个系统来识别人的长处Charles Murray以及定义的能力。他们应该程序,将专注于许多不同的专业和职业。例如,护理;牙科保健员,或许多其他领域是可用的。一旦建立了这些能力和暴露在学生,导致他们很容易沿着这条路走,同时成功的旅程。设置这些程序和努力改变当前系统也许可以消除失败的消极方面是对大多数学生来说是一场灾难,梦想在我们的生活中。


In the event and effort to fix these problems in our education system, which is currently facing in translating these messages to the students about what classes they should take, which will pertain to certain careers. I propose what Ms. Johnson proposed. That is to invest in finding solution to decrease class sizes in our schools and once that occurs, it’s my belief that the teacher will be able to have more one on one time with the students. While developing or helping students figure out what skills are necessary. Counselor will hopefully lead the students down a path of a career, in this case being a dental hygienist. I propose that, this country needs to make a real effort in improving our education system. If need be, they must step in, appoint one teacher or educator who has shown exceptional advancement in their field to bring our education system upside down, shake it and see what trash comes out. We need to send letters to Congress and to our local authority. We need to sign petitions and keep writing them without stopping. Regardless how many times they get rejected or ignored, someone will eventually listen and perhaps pay attention enough to change the system. It is also my strong believe that our school systems should put a system in place to identify someone with strong points as those defined by Charles Murray along with abilities. They should have programs in place that would focus on the many different majors and careers. For example, Nursing; Dental Hygienist, or the many other fields which are available. Once these abilities have been established and exposed to the students, leading them down that path would be easy and at the same time a successful journey. Setting these programs in place and making an effort to change the current system perhaps could eliminate the negativity of failure which comes to be a disaster for most of the students and the dreams in our lives.


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