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口腔卫生研究期间,我可以收集一些我们所面临的问题,不够教育这个特殊的职业,我们应该采取的路径。例如,安吉拉·l·曼森RDH博士,她的文章中提到“职业Pre-Dental卫生的影响和认知学生”和“牙科卫生职业选择和发现了口腔卫生专业人士和那些已经牙科保健专家。“简而言之,蒙逊博士说,那些决定进入口腔卫生职业道路是由于和受到那些已经专业人员在职业生涯中,比任何其他影响。她还继续状态,”时代,大多数学生选择口腔卫生职业是16 – 20岁。”这是说,我集中我的注意力向辅导员和教师在高中,和影响他们对学生在选择这样的职业或者至少是朝着这个方向指向他们。这些年的高中是学校教师在这些情况下老师和辅导员应收集有关每个特定的学生和他们的想法和信息的能力,这样他们就能更好地理解在什么方向,他们应该每个学生。在我看来,放学后应该有某种程序或在高中实习,发达导致招聘牙科保健师和牙科医生。学生将能够追求和获取有关如何教育成为牙科保健员。也许让学生们知道他们在这个领域更有可能成功,如果他们把上面提到的类。


During my research into dental hygiene, I was able to gather some problems that we face, not being educated enough about this particular career and the path we should take. For example, Angela L. Monson, RDH, PhD, mentioned in her article “Career Influences and Perceptions of Pre-Dental Hygiene Students” and “dental hygiene career choices are and have been identified by dental hygiene professionals and someone who are already dental hygienists.” In short, Dr. Monson is stating that people who decide to go into the dental hygiene career path are due to and influenced by those whom are already professionals within the career, more than any other influence elsewhere. She goes on to also state that, “the age when most students choose dental hygiene as a profession was 16-20 years of age.” With this being said, I focus my attention towards counselors and teachers in high school, and the impact they can have on a student in choosing such careers or at least pointing them towards that direction. During these years of high school is when school faculty in these case teachers and counselors should be gathering ideas and information about every particular student and their abilities, so they can better understand in what directions, they should point each student. In my opinion, there should be some kind of after school program or an internship that is developed in high school that leads to a recruitment into a dental hygienist and dentist. Students will be able to pursue and get to educate about what it takes to become a dental hygienist. Perhaps letting the students know that they are more likely to be successful in this field, if they take the classes mentioned above.


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