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In an attempt to find a solution to these problems, education faces a better way to introduce these programs and goal orientated careers to teens in their high school years. I can think of the book by Lou Anne Johnson called “Queen of Education”, where she states that “No classroom in this country shall have more than 20 students” (15). To me, this is a very powerful statement. Speaking from personal experience, along with the experience of Ms. Johnson, in her teaching career, I can relate from both perspectives. In high school, I was enrolled in classes, which had more than twenty students sometimes up to fifty. Throughout the school year, my opinion on this is that educating all the teens at the same time and about the same thing is impossible. We all have different learning experiences as stated by Charles Murray. When he says, “ability varies, and it varies a lot.” (29). It’s my opinion that it does vary differently in every student. Having more than twenty students at one time only lowers that ability and increases the challenge for the teachers in educating the students. Our teacher and counselors are overwhelmed with the overcrowded schools and classrooms. It has been well documented in college that, to pursue this career. One needs to develop highly in science and math classes, along with other classes that are not identified in high school and sometimes too late in college.


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