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Because historically refugee camps have been seen as temporary, and the end goal is often repatriation, education and tertiary education, in particular, has not been a priority in encampments. Sadly though, many of the 22.5 million refugees worldwide will spend years in refugee camps . hence the unfortunate need for the phrase protracted refugee encampments. Ongoing war and conflict, and generally unstable and unsafe political situations, make the likelihood of refugees returning to their home country in a timely manner doubtful . Because most of the protracted refugee camps are in developing countries that leaves this already vulnerable population especially in need of aid and support from the more privileged and wealthy societies. Historically, education in refugee camps has been focused on the needs of children and primary and secondary education . However, because refugees can now spend years and even decades in camps, providing higher education is becoming an urgent necessity. While there is an obvious need for primary education for all refugees, the protracted status of many displaced people transforms a right to higher education into a life saving tool for the future. The concentration on primary education is a reflection of how refugee situations are originally intended to be temporary This perspective, unfortunately, does not reflect what is happening on the ground in refugee camps. Host countries resist integrating refugees into the their population because of fear of loss of jobs and resources for their citizens, which contributes to the elongated timeframe for refugees initially looking for a temporary haven.


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