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希特勒-世界上最著名的名字之一,即使65年后。奥萨马·本·拉登,2001年9月11日袭击世贸中心的凶手。罗伯特·穆加贝,津巴布韦1987年总统,一个非常自私的人,他不但没有改善自己国家的生活条件,反而把大量的钱花在自己身上。在这个充满冲突和暴君的世界上,暗杀一两个男人能有所不同吗?如果是,是否合理?如果一个人可以把别人的生活变成地狱,暗杀他是正当的吗?如果你有机会为了拯救千百万人而杀死一个人,你会这样做吗?更大的利益是暗杀某人的唯一理由吗?杀死一个人不会让你变得像杀死一个人一样邪恶吗?即使有更大的好处,暗杀有正当的理由吗?暗杀被广泛认为是对一位著名公众人物的有计划的谋杀。它起源于中东。这个词来源于阿拉伯语“Hashshashin”。这是一个带有贬义的名字,特别是在中世纪,叙利亚和波斯的敌人给纳兹里伊斯兰教起的名字。纳兹里斯人在实施政治谋杀之前吸食大麻,这就是这个名字的由来。纵观历史,有许多暗杀和企图,如暗杀大公弗朗茨·斐迪南或刺杀尤里乌斯·凯撒。恺撒被暗杀是已知的第一起暗杀案。三月十五日,在参议院的一次会议上,他被自己的部下杀害。他被捅了23刀。马库斯·朱尼厄斯·布鲁特斯是阴谋者之一,也是凯撒的朋友。在今天,已经有暗杀和未遂的例子,如约翰·肯尼迪、约翰·保罗二世、约翰·列侬或奥洛夫·帕尔梅。然而,需要对暗杀进行更详细的讨论,以解决暗杀的问题- -事实上,一种罪恶行为是否可以被证明是正当的。


Hitler- one of the most known names in the world even after 65 years. Osama bin Laden, man responsible for attacks on World Trade Centre on 11th of September 2001. Robert Mugabe- president of Zimbabwe form 1987, a very selfish man and instead of improving living conditions in his country, he spends huge amounts of money on himself. In the world full of conflicts and tyrants, can the assassination of one or two men make a difference? If yes, would it be justified? If one person can change the lives of others into hell, is assassination of him justified? If you would have a chance to kill a man in order to save millions of humans, would you do it? Is greater good the only one justification of assassinating someone? Would killing someone not make you as evil as a person you’d kill? Even with greater good, is assassination ever justified? Assassination is widely held to mean a planned murder of a prominent of public figure. Its origins can be found in the Middle East. The word is derived from Arabic ‘Hashshashin’. It was pejorative name given Nazri Islamis particularly those of Syria and Persia by their adversaries during Middle Ages. The Nazris have smoked hashish before carrying out political killings and that’s where the name comes from. Throughout history there’s lots of assassinations and attempts, like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand or the assassination of Julius Caesar. The assassination of Julius Caesar is the first known assassination ever committed. He was killed by his own men on the Ides of March, at a session of the senate. He was stabbed 23 times. Marcus Junius Brutus was one of the conspirators and also a friend of Caesar. In the present day, there have been examples of assassinations and failed attempts on people such as John F. Kennedy, John Paul II, John Lennon or Olof Palme. However, a more detailed discussion of assassination is required to address the question of assassination- whether one act of evil can, in fact, be justified.


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