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马来西亚的教育经历了多年的广泛变化。这些不断变化或“改革”,也许只有一个设想,这是改善现有的教学和学习程序,在学校和高等院校。这种行动突出了政府在改善人民教育质量方面的不懈努力。进入新千年后,在第二十一世纪,教育形势更加迫切地需要在应对教育的要求和期望方面进行更多的改进。我们不能再满足于我们所拥有的,而是需要不断地将自己与发达国家进行比较,这在教育领域尤其如此。这是为了确保我们的人民能够在这个无国界的世界国际竞争。这是非常符合我们的任职最长的首相Tun Mahathir Mohammad的愿景。屯,早在90年代,分享他的远见和梦想这个国家通过“2020宏愿”或“视觉2020。根据他的文章“马来西亚轨道2020愿景”,作为他对视觉2020说明百分之100完美的视觉吸引医生验光师测量。他进一步解释说,与这个国家的未来有关的愿景2020将要求马来西亚对我们的未来有清晰的愿景,如我们希望在哪里以及我们想在新千年里做什么。随着马来西亚计划向全面发展的国家转变,教育成为政府的首要任务,因为它是决定国家成败的最强大的实体之一。任何国家的未来都取决于它的人民。因此,为了确保每个人都配备了必要的知识,技能和价值观,在这种激烈的竞争和全球化的世界是由科学的快速发展影响生存,技术和信息。


Education in Malaysia has gone through extensive changes throughout the years. These constant changes or ‘reforms’ are carried out with perhaps only one vision in mind, and that is to improve the current existing teaching and learning procedures in schools and higher institutions of learning. Such action highlights the government’s endless efforts in trying to improve the quality of education for its people. After a decade into the New Millennium, the education scenario is more pressed to undertake even more improvements in trying to cope with the demands and expectations of education in the 21st century. We can no longer be satisfied with what we have, but instead there is a need to constantly compare ourselves to that of more developed nations, and this is especially true with the field of education. This is to ensure that our people will be able to compete internationally in this borderless world.This is very much in-line with the vision of our longest-serving Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad. Tun, back in the 90’s shared his vision and dreams for this nation through “Wawasan 2020” or Vision 2020. According to his article “Malaysia on Track Vision 2020”, as a doctor he is attracted to the optometrist measurement of Vision 2020 which indicates 100 percent perfect vision. He further explains that Vision 2020 in relation to the future of this country would be the quest for Malaysia to have clear vision of our future as in where we want heading and what we want to be in the New Millennium. As Malaysia plans to transform into fully-developed nation, education becomes the priority of the government since it is one of the most powerful entities that would determine the success or failure of the nation. The future of any country depends on its people. It is therefore important to ensure that everyone is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to survive in this highly competitive and globalised world which is impacted by rapid development in science, technology and information.


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