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The researcher also found out that because of the need to finish up the syllabus, the lessons were not conducted properly by teachers. Teachers rarely make reflections on their teaching. Even though the accomplishment of the objective and learning outcomes are the measurement to a successful lesson in Malaysian education system; most of the time, teachers do not have attempt to find out whether their students have actually acquired the specified learning outcomes. An effective science classroom should be able to make students think and process the knowledge received in the classroom. Ironically, the scenario does not happen in most Malaysian classrooms. Because of the examination matter, the researcher believes that teachers tend to neglect their method in teaching science. In true fact, a science class should be filled with interesting and varying activities so that students will enjoy the class. However, in reality most science lessons, more often than not, are not only plain and dull but also could kill students’ excitement in learning the subject. This is another concern of the researcher since there is a tendency that the situation mentioned above could cause the students to lose interest in learning science The Steiner Waldorf education is similar to the Malaysian education system in terms of its emphasis on the development of human beings and in the provision of holistic education. What is different is in terms of the implementation and the effectiveness of the curriculum. Scieffer and Busse (2001) in their research discovered that the students from Steiner school did better than students in state school in United States. Other research (Easton, 1997; Oberman, 1997; Uhrmacher, 1993b) also suggested a positive relationship between Steiner school education, learning and students achievement. Moreover, research on Steiner education also mentioned about consistency of Steiner students performance in National test from 2000 to 2004. Ogletree (2000) in investigating the creative ability among the students in England, Scotland and Germany through the use of Torrance Test of Creative Thinking Ability; found that generally Steiner school students obtained significantly higher creativity scores than their state school peers. It actually reflects the effectiveness of the emphasis on creativity in Steiner curriculum. Jalinek and Sun (2003) in research that they conducted which aimed to compare the education in Steiner and mainstream schools revealed that, the Steiner children who tested in logical reasoning and science activity which developed by TIMMS international comparative study performed better than students from other schools. The scientific reasoning of Steiner school students was found to be outstanding.


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