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Being at the commencement stage of the School Management Information Systems, mechanization of the school management is the necessary subject of today’s school management. Principals have ongoing to make use of information systems in the gradually-increasing each day management staffs. Frequently speaking, the reasons to use information systems can be declared as increasing helpfulness at work by handing out information, rising managerial effectiveness by meeting the need for information and obtain supremacy in competitions by directing strategies. School management in sequence systems aim to offer maintain for the managing and educational behavior of the school managers by hand out information.Telem (1999) define the management information in his words as “an executive information system planned to match the structure, management task, instructional process and particular needs of the school According to board definition which defines, hand-outs of the information systems to schools can be defined as making programs more successful, making the teaching process and the changes in learning environment professional, enable teachers to swap their experiences in a more well thought-out way, working in teams, shaping the needs of the students, supporting the school managers and other staff in doing their duty, developing their performances, inefficiency and efficiencies. In other words, school management information systems increase effectiveness and efficiency by saving time and facilitate development of alternative solutions for advanced problems


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