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My results from that questionnaire will be classified into three categories, namely: (1) intrinsic, (2) extrinsic, and (3) altruistic. Intrinsic reasons dwells on the enjoyment of teaching and the school environment. Extrinsic reasons include the motivation behind one’s liking teaching such as long summer breaks and holidays. Altruistic reasons include being concerned with opportunities for making a difference in the lives of young people. The result of my questionnaire overwhelming agrees that most people motivations for pursuing a career in teaching was due to the altruistic reward. On the contrary, only 7 were motivated by extrinsic rewards.Other important factors about my questionnaire was the fact that most participates commented that teaching as a career choice is something that they were told would be “enjoyable”. Interestingly a “good starting base salary” was said by all the undergraduate students I questioned. Particularly noteworthy in my study there were a number of individuals mentioned they have a “desire to work with children”, “a job where I will contribute to society” and “a job which gives me responsibility”. In my research, Harms, and Knobloch (2005), states that recruitment effort for future teachers should be based on intrinsic motivation. Teachers who chose formal education as a career had intrinsic motives, while those who planned to pursue non-formal education careers had extrinsic motives. Here are some of the other responses to my questionnaire that stood out and is worth noting .


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