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在大学环境中使用Adderall会带来竞争和成绩的复杂性。一些学生在“无聊的网站”(Talbot, 655)上表达了对“偶尔的异议(我认为每次考试都应该有随机的药物测试)”的担忧。虽然一些学生使用神经增强剂来获得成功,这使得其他学生处于不利地位,类似于运动员服用兴奋剂来获得成功,一个新的概念——“大脑兴奋剂”(Talbot, 659)。就像体育一样,大学也是竞争激烈的,尤其是在高度职业化的博士项目中,最好的人才被挑选出来。虽然禁止使用神经增强剂似乎是个好主意,但使用者不会在意它们是否被禁止,问题仍然存在。塔尔博特又一次对亚历克斯说:“他又开始吃adderall了——每天一小剂。他觉得他学习使用药物以更加“自律”的方式。”(660年)似乎产生结果的改变心态和使用,是亚历克斯说,“这是少熬夜完成作业他应该做的,和更多的“保持关注的工作,使我想要工作更长时间。adderall的使用本身并不一定是那么糟糕的部分,因为它是出于不恰当的原因而被误用的,不是为了获得成功,就是为了做本应该做的事情。对Alex来说,这可以归结为他的使用理念,他控制他使用Adderall来提高他的职业道德,而不是为了降低他使用Adderall来提高成绩和缺乏职业道德。神经兴奋剂不需要被禁止,相反,人们需要被教育它的影响和后果,这样他们就可以学会用Alex的“自律方式”来控制它(Talbot, 660)。药物本身不是问题,而是误用和对其使用缺乏了解。虽然禁止它是毫无意义的,但控制它,以及人们如何合乎道德地使用它应该是重点。


Use of Adderall in a college setting brings up complications with competition and grades. Some students on, “The BoredAt Web Sites”(Talbot, 655), present concerns with, “Occasional dissents (I think there should be random drug testing at every exam)” Considering the performance and focus boost neuroenhancers can provide, this can give a helping hand to studying. While some students use neuroenhancers to get ahead, that leaves the other students at a disadvantage, similar to athletes who dope to get ahead, a newer concept-“brain doping”(Talbot, 659). And just like sports, College is also competitive, especially focusing at high professionalism doctorate programs, where the best of the best are picked.While banning the use of neuroenhancers may seem like a good idea, the user will not care about if they are banned or not, the problem will still stay present. Talbot spoke to Alex again, saying “he had gone back to taking Adderall-a small dose every day. He felt that he was learning to use the drug in a more “disciplined” manner.”(660) It appeared to yield results in a change of mentality and use, as Alex stated, “it was less about staying up late to finish homework he should have done earlier, and more “about staying focussed on work, which makes me want to work longer hours.” The use itself of adderall isn’t necessarily that bad part, as it it the misuse for inappropriate reasons to either get ahead or do what should have been done. For Alex, it boiled down to his concept of use, he controlled his use of Adderall to improve his work ethic, rather than to demoralize it’s use for better grades and lack of a work ethic to begin with. Neurohancers don’t need to be banned, but rather people need to be educated on the effects and consequences of it, so they can learn to control it in Alex’s “disciplined manner”(Talbot, 660). The drug itself is not the problem, but the misuse and lack of understanding on it’s use. While banning it is pointless, controlling it, and how people ethically use it should be the point of focus moving on.


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