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下一节强调了女性的内在美和外在美以及她纯洁的面容。“一种阴影越多,一种光芒越少,/削弱了她那难以名状的优雅/在每一绺乌黑的发上荡漾,/或在她的脸上柔和地泛起光亮;”(第7-10行)。诗人使用相反的词,“阴影”和“光线”,作为另一种方式来联系黑暗和光明的想法。他还用“乌黑的卷发”等比喻来描绘她的头发。这也是一个辅音的例子,因为辅音“v”是重复的,这使得这首诗听起来更流畅。诗人用他的话使读者更容易描绘出这样一个女人的样子,她的脸会像白天一样亮,而她的头发会像黑夜一样黑。诗人还运用头韵,更加注意她的思想,重复“s”的发音,因为在他表达女性思想的方式中,这给了一种平静的效果。“在那里,思想安详而甜蜜地表达/多么纯洁,多么可爱的家园”(第11-12行)。这种描述强调的不是女人的身体,而是她的思想。虽然读者可能会在描述中看到一些相互矛盾的特点,但这个女人被描绘成一个完美无瑕的人。通过对暗与光的对比,暗示这些特征创造了一种理想的平衡。押韵格式是A B B A;C D D C D D;E F E F E F这首诗以连词开头,所以第一行接着下一行。而且,下一行的仪表也会改变。这个元素和组合在一起使用强调特定的词。第四行就是一个例子,在这里“meet”这个词被指出来,因为它是这首诗的基础。它支持了黑暗和光明都存在于她的品质和诗人描述她的方式中的观点。总而言之,拜伦勋爵的《她走在美的路上》是一首浪漫的诗,它洞察了男人的情感,描绘了女人的内在美和外在美。


The next stanza emphasizes the lady’s inner and outer beauty as well as the purity of her face. “One shade the more, one ray the less, / Had half impair’d the nameless grace / which waves in every raven tress, / Or softly lightens o’er her face;” (lines 7-10). The poet uses opposite words, “shade” and “ray”, as another way of relating to the ideas of dark and light. He also employs metaphors such as “waves of raven tress” to depict her hair. This is also an example of a consonance as the consonant “v” is repeated, which makes the poem sound smoother. With his words, the poet makes it easier for the reader to picture what such a woman would look like, and how her face would be as light as day while her hair is a as dark as night. The poet also utilizes alliteration by paying more attention to her mind, and repeating the ‘s’ sound because it gives a calming effect in the way he expresses the woman’s thoughts. “Where thoughts serenely sweet express / How pure, how dear their dwelling place”(lines 11-12). This portrayal accentuates not the woman’s body, but rather, her mind.Although the reader might see some conflicting characteristics in the description, this woman is portrayed as a flawless person. Through the comparisons of darkness and light, it is implied that these features create an ideal balance. The rhyme scheme is A B A B A; C D C D C D; E F E F E F. This poem starts with an enjambment, so the first line continues on to the next. Also, the meter changes in the next line. This element and enjambment used together accentuate specific words. An example of this is shown in the fourth line where the word “meet” is pointed out, because it is the foundation of the poem. It supports the idea that darkness and light are both present in her qualities and the way that the poet describes her. All and all, “She walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron is a romantic poem that gives the insight of a man’s feelings and the depictions of a woman’s inner and outer beauty.


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