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the importance of education in the developing world can be judged from the fact that eight out of the ten of the worlds children live in the developing world. there are a lot of problems being faced by the education system of the developing world and the educational policies have a lot to do with it. Educational reforms are required when the policies that have put into place are not working to achieve what they had set out to achieve. The reform are taken essentially to make do a number of things, namely improving the administration and content in terms of the access, quality and relevance.Primarily the educational reforms taken in the developing world has been to increase the enrollment to the schools as well as reducing the disparity of the gender. The policies in the developing world have been geared towards the integrating the children socially as they often belong to varying multicultural backgrounds. This being said however many of the developing countries have faced acute shortage of trained workers and therefore have focused their attention more towards after basic education rather than focusing on the important part of the educational process i.e. Basic education.poverty is one of the major factors in the developing world and there fore the educational policies has thus far been a major contributor in the policy making process.A major reform in the policy came after the World conference on Education for all which was held in thailand in 1990. this policy was aimed towards striking a balance between the economic, social and culture of the countries in question. After the conference a lot of changes were witnessed throughout the developing world. It was pointed out that a balance was required in terms of basic and post basic education. There was also a lot of stress put on upon the micro level reforms. One major change in the policy that was witnessed soon after was that the national and local governments were increasingly given more authority in terms administration and finances.


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